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He was a bold man that first ate an Oyster

Jonathan Swift

Trips to Ireland first triggered the idea that oysters and beer might go together and in Ireland the beer of choice is stout and the oysters I had were wild caught Irish Flats (Ostrea edulis) from Galway Bay.

Annually as August creeps to a close and the months start getting spelled with an "r" I develop a craving for oysters and begins sampling ouysters and beer. This year I re-read Patrick McMurray Consider the Oyster: A Shucker's Field Guide and learned first the the whole thing about not eating oysters in a month without an "r" in the spelling is BS and second that the flavor profiles for many oysters and beer styles, meads, ciders and sakes over lap, contrast or complement each other. Check out the links to oyster flavor wheels below. Lights went off: "Oysters - not just for stout anymore."

Oyster Flavor Wheels



Reviews of Books About Oysters

Oyster and Beverage Reviews

5 Star Oysters 5-18-19

Agate Pass Oyster 1-4-19

Alpine Bay Oysters 9-28-18

Arcadia Oysters 10-13-18

Avery Oysters 9-7-19

Barron Point 8-14-18

Bald Point Oysters 3-7-19

Beau Soleil Oysters 1-8-20

Big Rock Oysters 5-18-19

Blue Hill Bay Oysters 9-7-19

Blue Point Oysters 9-9-18

Boss Gibson Oysters 8-8-19

Bras d'Or Oysters 9-13-18

Calm Cove Oysters 11-17-18

Chelsea Gem Oysters 11-4-18

Chincoteague Oysters 1-4-19

Church Point Oysters 11-3-18

Dabob Bay Oysters 2-28-19

Damariscotta Oysters 2-28-19

Davenport Oysters 9-1-18

Dodge Cove Oysters 8-18-19

Eagle Rock Oysters 12-7-18

Fiddlehead Oysters 4-25-19

Flapjack Point Oysters 4-25-19

Forest Creek Oysters 12-10-19

French Kiss Oyster 2-14-19

Glacier Bay Oysters 8-15-18

Hammersley Oysters 5-11-19

Hurricane Harbor Oysters 12-17-18

Ichabod Flat Oysters 7-26-19

Jones Creek Oysters 12-22-19

Katama Bay Oysters 9-1-18

Kumamoto Oysters (WA) 1-4-19

Kusshi Oysters 1-4-19, 12-17-18

Lieutenant Island Oysters 11-17-18

Little Skookum Inlet Oysters 8-22-18

Malpeque Oysters 10-13-18

Martha's Vineyard Oysters 4-6-19

Miyagi Oysters 9-4-18

Moonrise Oyster 5-19-19


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