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Michael J. Lewis StoutStout

Michael J. Lewis

This book is No. 10 in the Brewer’s Publications Classic Beer Style Series. Most of the books in the series are written by professional brewers or homebrewers with extensive experience and are geared to homebrewers and perhaps craft brewers. Dr. Lewis has taught at the University of California, Davis – the country’s leading brewing program. He has also authored two major brewing text books: Brewing and Essays in Brewing Science. Like other books in the series, Stout covers the history of the beer, its flavor profile and how to brew the beer. This book is considerably more granular than most books in the series, spends more time discussing the commercial brewing of stout. Lewis’s discussion on taste is fascinating but probably far more statistical and detailed than most homebrewers can endure. He also includes a survey of commercial stout brewers which data heads such as me will salivate over but which most homebrewers will avoid. The book contains 16 actual pages on brewing stout at home and includes 6 recipes expressed in kilograms, grams and liters. Those unfamiliar with metric will find these a pain. This book more directly focuses on the professional brewer and I do not think it fits well with this series. It is an excellent book directed towards the wrong audience.



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